Child Protection

At Drummoyne Presbyterian Church we have been blessed to have a number of children as part of our Church family. With this comes a responsibility to ensure we provide a safe and caring place for our children to learn and play.

As a Church we have implemented the Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct provided by the Presbyterian Church of Australia's Breaking the Silence framework. Anyone at Drummoyne Presbyterian Church who is in a leadership role (paid or volunteer) or working with people under 18 must comply with the requirements of our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct.

Lauren Graham is our Child Protection coordinator and she ensures we comply with the policy including training and reporting requirements. Lauren is a qualified school counsellor.

Child Protection training

As part of our annual Kids Church training, teachers and assistants are trained in how to respond to OH&S incidents (allergies, fire and medical emergencies) and child protection issues. 

Anyone at Drummoyne Presbyterian Church who is in a leadership role (paid or volunteer) or working with people under 18 must attend Child Protection training every three years.

You can find information about training here.

Reporting of incidents

We support the direct reporting of any concerns regarding child protection issues, either to a member of staff or directly to the Police. 

If there is an immediate concern or you believe someone is in danger contact the Police. In this instance do not report the incident to staff.

All other incidents or concerns are to be reported to:

Toileting of children

Please note that due to our Child Protection policy, only parents or guardians are to change children's nappies. If your child is at Kids Church and requires changing, a Kids Church teacher or assistant will notify the parent. For any children who are toilet training, all children are to be accompanied by more than one person when going to the toilet.


All Kids Church groups keep a roll of who is attending along with any allergy and health related information. Morning tea is provided for children, but teachers are mindful of possible allergies. For Little Fish and Big Fish morning tea is limited to fruit and water. If your child does have a known allergy, please advise Kids Church Director, Astrid Sampson, along with the Kids Church teacher at your first visit. This information will be recorded and shared with all teachers for that class.