Home Groups

As church grows it is increasingly difficult to know everyone well. Home Groups can provide the closeness and commitment of a small number of quality relationships. 

Home Groups provide opportunities to serve one another – in fellowship, sharing, prayer – as we learn together from God’s Word.  A small group setting is an ideal place to ask questions, raise doubts & struggles, discuss issues and talk in concrete ways about how the word of God applies to our lives.

Groups for 2020

Home Groups for this year will commence in late February / early March with a number of groups meeting during the week.  Information about each of the groups and location of meetings are published on the right-hand side-wall of church.

Are you new to Drummoyne Presbyterian?

If you have not been part of a Drummoyne Presbyterian Church Home Group, please sign up to the seven week “Newcomers Orientation group”, which starts at the beginning of each school term.  For more details of our Newcomer group, contact Sandy McMillan.

For more information

For more details of the next newcomers group or information regarding home groups in general, contact Sandy McMillan.