DPC Weekend Away 2018

"Christianity Everyday" 14-16 September, The Collaroy Centre.  


To register for the weekend away on-line: CLICK HERE


Christianity Everyday is designed to help us to live confidently as Christians in God’s world by equipping us with the knowledge and skills we need to respond, with a distinctly Christian point of view, to issues of public interest and concern. It will include an overview of different worldviews and how they shape us and the choice of a number of different hot button issues to think through.

It will be run by four members of GS&C – Lewis Jones, Sheryl Sarkoezy, Kamal Weerakoon and Nalini Pather. GS&C is the Gospel, Society and Culture Committee of the Presbyterian Church whose task is to help churches to present Christ and his gospel to the wider society and culture. 

On Sunday morning we will have a time of corporate worship with Kamal encouraging us from God’s Word.

The timetable of the workshops will be as follows:

Workshop 1: IT & Social Media (Nalini Pather)
Workshop 2: Asylum Seekers & Refugees (Sheryl Sarkoezy)
Workshop 3: Creation Care (Lewis Jones)

Workshop 1: Reconciliation in Australia (Graeme Cordiner)
Workshop 2: Sexuality & Gender (Kamal Weerakoon)
Workshop 3: Creation Care (Sheryl Sarkoezy)

If you have any quesitons, please chat to one of the Weekend Away Committee:

Liliana Paton (9am)
Wil Van Der Merwe (9am)
Dani Goh (10:30am)
Amanda Batchen (5pm)
Sami Ho (5pm)
Evlien Wirjoprawiro (5pm)
Darryl Soh