Leadership Group meeting: October 2013

The homework for the November meeting is to complete all the studies for 1 Thessalonians.  The breakdown for the studies are as follows:

1:1-10         Thanksgiving for the power of the gospel in the lives of the Thessalonians
2:1-16         Paul’s love for the Thessalonians
2:17-3:13     Paul/Timothy’s joy that the Thessalonians are standing firm in faith and love
4:1-12         Live to please God / Avoid Immorality
4:13 – end   Live as people of the light as we wait for Jesus

Please email Darryl on darrylsoh@drummoyne.org.au your completed studies prior to this meeting.

 Leadership Group meeting: September 2013

At our September 2013 meeting, Anna conducted training regarding how to do pastoral care through homegroups.

 Leadership Group meeting: August 2013

At our August 2013 meeting, Darryl presented the "Connect" strategy that is in place at Drummoyne Presbyterian.

Also, Craig conducted training regarding how to formulate opening and closing questions for a Bible study.

 Leadership Group meeting: June 2013

At our June 2013 meeting, Bruce Chan conducted training on the group life cyle and how to manage the group dymanic.

Also Craig conducted training on how to write good questions for Bible studies.

 Leadership Group meeting: May 2013

At our May 2013 meeting, Peter Denman conducted training on how to work as a leadership team within a home group.

 Leadership Group meeting: March 2013

At our March meeting, Craig conducted training on different types of Bible studies.

 Leadership Group meeting: February 2013

At our February meeting, Craig conducted an introduction to how to write Bible studies