God does amazing things in the lives of ordinary people. This page contains encouraging stories of what God have done in the life of people at Drummoyne.

Drew Eide

"I am married to my lovely wife Kirsten and have two beautiful daughters. I grew up in Toronto, Canada, lived in Dubai for 8 years (where I met my wife) and moved to Sydney in 2006.  I often say to my friends, “I went to Dubai for 2 years with 2 suitcases and the clothes on my back.  I left 8 years later with a wife, a kid and a 30 foot container!”.

I have always had Christianity present in my family.  My grandfather was a Lutheran minister and my parents brought me to church from an early age.  I went to Sunday school, attended Chapel service every morning in high school and basically thought that I was a good person and good Christian for doing all of this.  When I went to University and started to make my own choices, church just didn’t factor in as a priority anymore.  I would go to church with my parents at Christmas and Easter and thought that I was still being a good Christian by basically checking in a couple times a year.

When the opportunity arose to come to Sydney, we settled in Drummoyne due to the recommendation of a few close friends. We walked past Drummoyne Presbyterian just about every day when we were moving and when Easter came around, we thought we’d give it a look. I said to Kirsten that this would be a good way to meet some ‘nice’ people and help us to settle in to the area.

Man; did God have a different plan for us!   Not only did we meet those ‘nice’ people (as we were immediately struck by the warm and welcoming nature at DPC) but more importantly by the clear and powerful way in which God’s word was spoken and clearly explained.  I quickly realized that it wasn’t just about doing good things and basically living a good life.  It was much bigger than this.  At first, it was hard for me to accept that I was a sinner because I had always thought that I was a good guy and did good things and I always meant well, tried to help people, etc…

Around this stage, I decided to commit my life to Christ.  Kirsten and I completed a course called “Simply Christianity”. We managed to turn a 6 week course into approximately 12 weeks because of all our questions, etc… but the pastor gave us all of the time we needed to get more comfortable.

We joined a Home Group which helped us further grow in our understanding of God and the magnitude of what he did for us through his son Jesus on the cross.  It became very clear that our salvation is only through God’s grace and our faith alone, not in our good deeds or works.  The strange thing is that I had heard this exact message so many times in the past but it only clicked then.

Kirsten recently shared a good analogy with me; when we flick a light switch on, we just trust that electricity is going through it, even though we can’t see it.  God works in much the same way.  I can’t always see Him working in my life, I’m not always happy and suffer hardships, etc… but the difference is that I have trust in God’s grace and His wonderful promise of forgiveness. I have been transformed over time and now I can clearly see God’s hand in every part of my life."


Mandy Wu

“I grew up in Hong Kong not knowing God. My family and I moved to Australia when I was 6 and started attending Chinese church in the city with my Aunty and Uncle. That was the first time I came to learn about God in Sunday school.

Growing up as a teenager, I also attended Youth group. I knew who Jesus was but was never able to completely understand his love and why he died for me. I thought I only needed to go to church on Sundays to be a Christian so when I was 18, I walked away from God and led my own life for 10 years.

Although my parents lived in Hong Kong, I had so much love and support from my grandmother and my auntie’s family. My cousins, Karen and Lillian, would always encourage me to go to church with them and prayed for me all the time. In Christmas 2007, my cousin Karen who attend the 10:30 congregation at Drummoyne Presbyterian asked me to come along to the annual Street Fair and Carols event. We had a great time, we met lots of people and heard about the message of Jesus. I felt so inspired and realized that my family is so great because they have Jesus in the centre of their lives and it would be silly for me not to be a part of it.

I settled in comfortably at 5pm church.  I remember the first person to welcome me was Lee-On Tan. Lee On was so warm and genuine and made me feel like I was already part of the Drummoyne Presbyterian family. I went to the Drummoyne Presbyterian weekend away in 2008 and also attended a newcomers group that year where we did the Back to Basics course. It completely opened my eyes to understand even though I am a sinner, God still loves me and Jesus’s sacrifice is so huge that we can be friends with God. Accepting Jesus into my life has filled me with hope, knowing that God always keeps his promises and always has a plan for me. All I can do is live a life that glorifies him."