Ministry Team

As staff members our role is to equip every Christian at Drummoyne Presbyterian to serve Jesus.


Sandy McMillan

Senior Pastor

Sandy McMillan leads the ministry team at DPC and oversees our 9am & 10:30am congregations.  Sandy is married to Karen and they have three grown up daughters.  Sandy trained at Moore College and the Presbyterian Theological Centre. Sandy works Monday to Thursday as well as Saturday and Sunday.


 Darryl Soh

 Associate Pastor

Darryl Soh helps oversees our 5pm congregation as well as our Scripture Teaching ministry at Drummoyne Public School and our DY high school youth group ministry. He is married to Edwina and they have two daughters, Madison and Tyler.  Darryl trained at Moore College and the Presbyterian Theological Centre.  Darryl works Monday to Friday and Sundays.



 Anna Moss

 Women’s Ministry 

Anna Moss coordinates women’s ministry for the 10.30am and 5pm congregations and assists in the evangelism, welcoming, and discipleship of women at DPC. She is married to Clayton and they have two daughters, Talitha and Eva, and a son, Asher. Anna works on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.



Cameron Ogg

Youth Pastor

Cameron Ogg is the Youth Pastor at DPC.  He assists at co-ordinates DY, whilst also bieng involved in Scripture teaching and helping at our 5pm gathering. He is married to Lizzy and they live in Summer Hill.  Cameron is still undertaking a Bachelor of Theology at SMBC whilst working Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.



Nurila Lean & Jess Abraham

Our Office Managers ensure everything runs smoothly at DPC. Nurila is in the office on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Jess is in the office Mondays.