Talking to God, praising him, confessing our sins and bringing our worries and concerns to him are an important part of every church meeting.

What to do:          

Time required:   


Who to ask:         Sandy McMillan

What’s involved?
Before church :

First prayer:

Second prayer:
​Usually there is time later in the meeting to specifically ask God for things for ourselves and for others. This is often after the talk so that God’s Word might inform how we pray and what we ask for.

  1. In Response to the Word - what can we pray in the light of the sermon today. Talk to the preacher before Sunday to get a clearer idea on this.
  2. In Concern for the World - what is happening in the world (Australia or overseas) that would be important to pray about.
  3. What is happening at church - particular concerns with people and upcoming events eg. upcoming outreach events, Street Fair etc.
  4. Mission at DPC – pray for each of us as missionaries each week, and for events such as he street fair or other evangelistic opportunities at church (there should be one happening all the time – Easter, Christmas, Gingerbread House nights, men’s and women’s events, etc). On the third Sunday of each month we focus on our Overseas Missionaries.
  5. Items from the lists below – pray in whatever order you want. But ensure that we pray for each item in the relevant list at least once during the month. Think ahead and plan. Is there a particular week when it would link in with the theme/talk to pray about a particular item? Also, think about how the theme or application of the talk might be prayed specifically for the people/item that you pray about that day eg. if the talk is about trusting in God, why not pray that the kids at kids church would be learning to trust in God?

Important things to include in prayer each month:
Things to cover in odd months
(Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)

Things to cover in even months
(Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec)