At Drummoyne Presbyterian we are excited to be part of God’s mission for the world to hear about Jesus. The Overseas Mission Team coordinates our mission support for long-term and short-term mission work.

What to do:

Who to ask:         

What’s involved?

The Overseas Mission Support team is specifically focused on the following: 

  1. Organise for our current mission partners to be prayed for on one Sunday each month at 9am, 10:30am & 5pm church. This includes providing prayer points and information to those allocated on the planner to lead in prayer;  or arranging for someone else to pray for them; and liaising with those already leading/praying.
  2. Ensuring the church is kept informed about missionaries’ activities eg. through distributing their prayer letters, interviews, video interviews, Skype calls, information nights, links on the website, etc.
  3. Communicating with missionaries on behalf of the church eg. keeping them informed about the church’s activities, communicating specific requests to missionaries.
  4. Liaising as appropriate with mission organisations and APWM.
  5. Co-ordinating practical assistance to missionaries sent by DPC – before, during and after their overseas term/s e.g. assisting with issues like accommodation.
  6. Liaising with Craig and the Session (Elders) on ideas for encouraging and raising awareness of OS mission generally through ‘mission spots’, home group mission nights, praying for mission etc.
  7. Recruit adequate Committee members for the task, appointments to be approved by the elders.

Note: Lots of things are deliberately excluded from the scope of the Job Description, not because they are unimportant, but in order to give the OS Mission Support Team a containable and realistic task. Things not in the scope of the Job Description include:

  1. The recruiting, raising up and approval of mission candidates. The OS Mission Team do contribute to this - we hope that by promoting and supporting our existing missionaries others will consider mission in different ways.
  2. Local Mission at Drummoyne Presbyterian.
  3. While we ought to speak about our current missionaries in the context of God’s concern for all the world and the people of every nation, the job description deliberately asks the Mission Committee to focus on these particular missionaries and their particular field and not distribute/promote other missionary interests.

When making announcements at Church

Our goal is for every announcement to have a graphic that is projected on screen while the announcement is made. Announcements, proposed interviews, videos, and anything else for projection, distribution or inclusion in the bulletin, need to be emailed to Darryl, ideally by Monday, but by Thursday lunchtime at the latest.