The leader of the church meeting helps organise how the gathering will run. They also provide clear direction on the day so that everyone knows what is happening and when.

What to do:          

Time required:   


Who to ask:         

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What’s involved?

During the week prior:
Serve God’s people by thoughtful and prayerful preparation.

By Tuesday:
Liaise with the Preacher for the morning. Make sure that in your planning, the way you intend to lead the morning will help the message, not distract or detract from it. Confirm exactly what passage(s) they want read.

By Wednesday:
Email your “annotated run sheet” to the office manager  (office@drummoyne.org.au) ideally by Wednesday 5pm at the latest. If it’s going to be late please let the office manager know.

Plan the songs and how they will fit with the rest of the morning. Unless you arrange otherwise it is your role to introduce the songs. Songs have been chosen but it is OK to change the rostered songs for other songs on our song list, but check in advance (by Wednesday) with the musicians and song leader.

Clarify with the song leaders who will introduce the song, whether to sit or stand, the need to explain any “tricks” (repeated sections, diff parts, male & female parts, how the song ends, sing the song twice, etc).
On the Planner, most roles are normally allocated so it is not your role to find a Kids Talker or Bible Reader, etc.
NOTE: someone will have been rostered to lead the “first prayer” but check because it may say “leader to organise” or “leader to pray” – that means you!

Normally “first prayer” has a focus on Adoration and/or Confession. Second prayer normally has a focus on Intercession & Thanksgiving. Those rostered on second prayer have usually liaised with staff about particular issues for prayer. If there are particular things you would like them to pray about let them know and include it on your annotated run sheet for the office manager.

Pray for yourself and the others involved.

By Thursday:
Email the people serving a runsheet, with their roles and any specific instructions.  If you're unable to do this please let the office know and they can send on your behalf.

On the Day:

Tips for Leaders:

Keep it Simple. Don’t feel you have to be clever or say something tremendously profound at every point. Don’t aim to do several new things all on the same week. The best leader is the one we don’t notice – aim for people to leave not saying “Didn’t Fred lead cleverly?” but instead “Haven’t we got a marvellous God?”
Plan your directions so they are clear – bearing in mind the person who is new and unfamiliar with church.
Church is about people. Make eye contact with them. Smile. Look at them when you are speaking to them. Introduce yourself and others by name (e.g. Bible Reader) or ask them to introduce themselves.
Model church’s importance by remaining engaged. Don’t “drop out” of the singing to read through your upcoming prayer or chat to someone about what is on next. Being well prepared will help.

Example of annotated run sheet
(email to office manager and people serving, but also give people a hard copy on the day.)

Welcome (Darryl S)
Immortal Invisible  (I will announce first song, then roll into second song unannounced)
Holy Holy Holy
Prayer (Andrew… come up unannounced)
Kid’s Spot (Anna… I will announce you)
He Was Pierced (song leader to intro and explain boy & girl part.)
God’s Word Read: Matthew 5:27-32 (Fred W – come up unannounced)
God’s Word Explained (Darryl come up unannounced)
How Deep the Father’s Love for Us (Darryl to intro)
Questions (Darryl)
Prayer (Rich F)
Close (Craig – Read from Matt 5…)