At Drummoyne Presbyterian we are blessed to have a number of kids in our Church family. Kid’s church is a fun and safe place for our kids to learn about God’s word and what it means for them.

What to do:          

Time required:   


Who to ask:         

What’s involved?

Kids Church teachers ought to be mature Christians, willing to love and be real life examples of what it means to be a Christian. All roles (including teachers and assistants) at Kids Church are appointments made by the elders. All those involved at DPC with people under 18 must comply with the requirements of our Child Protection Policy

The Kids Church teacher works under the direction of the Kids Church Co-ordinator. They should be aware of the Child Protection Policy and seek at all times to abide by it.

Prepare the lesson including craft or activities from the material provided by the relevant Kids Church Programmer. Pray for the children and other teachers.

On the day
Arrive early to set up the room, morning tea and any craft or activities required. Teachers and Assistants should quickly run through the lesson plan and what each person needs to do to help the lesson run smoothly. Pray for the children and each other before heading up to Church.

During Church
Be available to help take kids out to Kid’s Church during the break and to direct any newcomers.

During Kids Church
Teach the lesson as planned and have fun with the kids! Teachers should also encourage the assistant to appropriately develop their ministry to children. Each class has a role which needs to be filled in each week, including the details of any newcomers and any allergy information.

At the end of Church
Ensure the children reconnect with their parent/guardian.

Please note:
If you are not able to be present as rostered, please contact the Kids Church Co-ordinator. Due to our Child Protection Policy it is important you don’t arrange a swap with someone else, or leave the other teacher/assistant on their own for the morning.