Hearing from the Bible is a central part of our church meetings. Each week a different member of our church family reads the Bible passage.

What to do:           Read the bible clearly and audibly for the congregation.

Time required:    Time practicing reading the passage before Sunday.
Arrive AT LEAST 10 minutes before for group prayer which occurs prior to church starting.

Training:               There is a training for Bible reading at Drummoyne Presbyterian. This is simply a checklist for those that have already been trained.

Who to ask:          9am – Darryl Soh, 10:30am – Kirsten Eide, 5pm – Ben Harris

What’s involved?

Because the reading of the Bible is important, it is important that it can be clearly understood. When you read the Bible in church your aim should be to communicate the Word of God, as clearly as possible. The way it is read, should help people to understand it. And to read it that well, means you will have to prepare. There is no substitute for preparation. When a reader is not prepared it is obvious and benefits no one.

Please note: If you print out your bible passage from the internet please ensure it is the correct version, NIV 2011. There are several revisions of the NIV. The default NIV versions on sites like is not NIV 2011

Reading in the bible passage
What to do when you are reading in church…

·         Have your Bible out and the page marked. Know the page number in the church Bible.

Calm yourself before reading, check your breathing.
Come up the front to the microphone.
Announce the reading (start & finish verse) and give the page number in the church Bibles.
Allow plenty of time to find it (unchurched people may not be able to find Zephaniah as speedily as you can)
Announce the reading again as you start.
Read it.
Sit down.

Helpful Hints

Make sure you read and prepare from the NIV2011.
Make sure you know where the reading finishes. If you have read it through a few times beforehand, this will not be a problem.
Practice and you will not stumble, but if you do, just keep on going. You don’t need to stop and apologise.
Don’t rush it. It’s always the temptation for people self-conscious about being up the front. Read slower than you normally would read.
You don’t need to look up.
Be natural! No weird minister’s voices please! Use your own voice. There are enough weird ministers – we don’t need any more.
Remember – you are serving the Lord and His people, not parading your competence.
Pray that God will help you read it so what He says is clear.


Know the Passage

What is the main point (Mark 10:35-45).
Style of writing (Galatians 1:6-9) & (Psalm 147)
Any repeating words or opposites (Luke 15:1-10)
Direct Speech, Asides, Explanations, etc. (Mark 7:1-4, Mark 7:5-8)